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The fall of heaven

The fall of heaven

The fall of heaven

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    The fall of heaven
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    Mibao AI
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    Garden Novel
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2023-03-15 15:08:57
After the end of the reign of God, there was no way to cultivate immortality in the world, and there was a lack of aura in the earth. Trillions of intelligent creatures could only cultivate demons, demons and bodies, but they could not cultivate immortality after all. The way to cultivate immortality was broken. Only those who cultivate demons had a way to soar to the heaven. One of them was or become the running dog of the heaven - the four seas Dragon God in charge of the precipitation of the four continents and the mountain god in charge of the land of the four continents, Lei Gongdian, who is in charge of the responsibility of thunder punishment. The second is the mount of the immortals in the heaven and the Buddhas in the West. The one with high status is just a servant with good reputation. The one with low status becomes a trapped animal in the place of fighting animals in the heaven. It is not allowed to turn into human shape. Therefore, all the demons in the local world do not like to fly to the heaven in this way.

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