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My blind date is the reborn

My blind date is the reborn

My blind date is the reborn

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    My blind date is the reborn
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    Pure passers-by
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    Clean book
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2022-06-23 06:30:46
Pick up the so-called black stuff for everyone: 1. Don't listen to advice, always eager to marry me 2. Not dedicated, always accompany me at work 3. I spent a lot of money. I just bought me a famous watch a few days ago 4. Impolite and indifferent to everyone except me 5. Rude, hold me tight every day she still has a lot of black material. For the sake of privacy between us, we won't list them one by one. In short, everyone pay attention to lightning protection. This kind of woman really can't a serious introduction: "my blind date said she was a reborn person and my future wife. She also said that I would have an accident tonight. At that time, I thought she might have a brain problem. But one night later, I found that it was true..." since that day, Xiao chue found that he began to meet some incredible people and things: exchanging bodies with others, Can eavesdrop on the voice of others, be inexplicably trapped in one day, or even through Huang Xiaoyu: "dear, you gave everything for me in the last life, and I will escort you in this life as your teammate ~" Xiao chue: "where are my teammates! Where are my teammates! Help!" (key words: love, daily life, sick, dog food)

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