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My vest has become emperor

My vest has become emperor

My vest has become emperor

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    My vest has become emperor
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    Wang Sikong
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    Wine Novel
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2022-06-25 09:04:57
Gu Zhan: "the enemy defeated in my hands will never be regarded as an opponent by me. I'll give you time to catch up until you can't see it in the distance!" soul Yu: "you're too kind. Those who achieve great things don't stick to small details. What's killing some fighting saints? After thousands of years, there will be more fighting saints on the mainland!" Yao Xuan: "forget the dust pill, can you forget all the good and troubles in the past... It's up to you to make my imperial soul!"< br>...... these are Xiao Tian's waistcoats, or incarnations outside his body Xiao Tian: "I am the emperor of heaven! We should suppress all enemies in the world!" (key words: break through the sky! Heavens! Ten thousand boundaries! Separation! System! Luck! Fabrication! Emotion! Creation! Invincible!)

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