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Langya Bang historical materials

Langya Bang historical materials

Langya Bang historical materials

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    Langya Bang historical materials
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2022-06-27 09:15:15
The original name is Liuguang Changsu. based on the original work of Langya list, this work is divided into eight parts: the red flame counter case, Jinling Fengyun, the North-South deer race, the chaos of Hou Jing, the end of the Liang Dynasty, Langya final list, and the legacy of Changlin< Br> it tells about the 105 years of history between the rebellion of Liang, Wen, Seng and Ming in the Southern Dynasty in AD 521 and the change of Xuanwu Gate in AD 626. as the design of this work is selected from historical materials such as the southern history and the book of Liang, there is a huge difference between the design of people and the original work of langyabang, and the novel is highly power oriented, which may seem a little boring< Br> Lin Shu (502-560), long Su, and Dugu Liuguang (505-582) are one of the main characters running through this work. Lin Shu followed Wei Rui, a famous general of Xiao Liang, and established a powerful intelligence system for weixiaokuan, a famous general of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, based on the Jiangzuo League. Various opportunities enabled the Lin family to turn the corner after the ChiYan case. In 626, sun Yuwen of Lin Shu led Chang Lin's army to leave Li Jiancheng group and join Li Shimin group to participate in the Xuanwu Gate uprising, The Lin family eventually became a famous family in the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

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